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California MEDJOOL DATES Fresh Harvest Recloslable Bags Naturally Grown in California

California MEDJOOL DATES Fresh Harvest Recloslable Bags Naturally Grown in California

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  • Medjool Dates packed in Re-Closeable Bag. From our Farms to your door.
  • No Preservatives, Non GMO, Vegan, No artificial additives. Mother Nature’s gift. Healthy & tasty all natural energy.
  • Naturally grown in California. Free from all major Allergens. Tree nut, gluten, sesame, mustard, wheat, peanut, legume, soy, egg and milk/dairy, FREE.
  • Perfect for snacking, sweetning cereals or your favorite drink. High in Fiber, Antioxidants, Omega Fats, and loaded with Protein. Low Carb's. Naturally Heart Healthy & Cholesterol Free. Healthy life style’s Essentials.
  • Vegetarian /Vegan delight from California Desert.

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Customer Reviews

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Peter C.
Superb dates; excellent service , reasonable price.

I bought the ten ppund big of Medjool dates as a present for my wife at Christmas. She loved them so I wanted to buty another bag for her birthday In May. I started looking online for them and was shocked to see out of stock. I tried many tiems and finally called the company and was told they were indeed out of stock. However, at my insistence the rep said he might find a few bags in the back. He said he would put them online which is where I needed to buy them. It took a few phone calls to remind him but it did go online and I was able to make the purchase. My wife is delighted. The rep was very polite and easy to talk to and I appreciate that I could get through to someone and get the dates.


This was 2nd. time we order this product and we loved it.

Amer Mir
exceptional quality and great price.

Great quality

barbara cassebarth

These dates are wonderful. Plump, fresh,sweet and packaged beautifully.
This is my second order of 10 lbs. Found them first on Amazon and wanted to learn more about the company so Googled and found I can order direct from them.
They will be a staple in my house!