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Certified Organic Red Quinoa Whole Grain Vegan Bulk Raw

Certified Organic Red Quinoa Whole Grain Vegan Bulk Raw

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Primal Harvest Quinoa Red is whole grain quinoa. Nutrients rich, whole grains contain the entire grain kernel, which provides fiber, iron, and several B vitamins.
Quinoa is rich dietary fiber and iron compared to other grains and seeds. Prewashed “not polished” to remove the bitter saponins while retaining the entire grain kernel and ready to cook, just add water 2:1 ratio to Quinoa. Cold or bring water to boil and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes according to taste soft or crunchy, for nuttier taste prior to cooking fry with or without oil in a sauspan /frying pan until golden brown.
Heirloom Quinoa Red is grown and Harvested in Andes mountain range which is the world’s largest mountain range world famous for growing Quinoa as well. Quinoa was consumed by Inca’s in South America for 5000 years it was the central original food for Incas and now reintroduced to our generation as healthy Grain replacing rice and other similar foods.

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